It is that time of year!! If you are interested in showing or just want to improve your riding and spend more time with horses, now is the time to schedule multiple lessons a week or consider leasing! We have multiple leasing options from
One day a week to three!

We have people who come for lessons every other week, every week and twice a week!

Also, not to jinx it, but the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!! 😊😊

Have you considered showing but you feel like you aren’t ready or you don’t know what to expect? First, I’d like to tell you that most shows have classes for beginners on up! They have lead line classes for the Little’s and they have walk trot classes. They even have ground pole classes which is the first step to jumping! From there they have jumps from 18” and up! There really are classes for everyone!

If you are interested in showing but you don’t know what to expect please ask Lauren and Tanya questions! We are more than happy to answer them.

If you are not interested in showing but you would like to spend more time with the horses and get more saddle time please let your instructor know! We are more than happy to accommodate you for multiple lessons a week. 😊

We will be announcing our possible show schedule by the end of the week so keep a look out! If you are interested in a specific show please contact your instructor and let us know!

If you want to come to a show (or multiple) and not ride, but to see what it’s all about and lend a hand we are more than happy to have the company!

To book a lesson now, click here!!!

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