Sweetie is a chestnut solid Paint mare. Pictured is Lauren Schiller riding Sweetie mid-jump. They are going over a jump that has 2 vertical poles holding a horizontal bar between them that is black and orange striped. Sweetie has a red bonnet and red bellboots on her hooves.

Sweet Winter Moon


CB, a bay Morgan gelding, is being ridden cross country by Lauren Schiller. The photo shows them mid-jump going over what is called a Tiger Trap. The Tiger Trap is a brown wooden structure with a log laying across it. This is during a cross country (XC) competition.

KS Bluestem Cimarron B


Romeo is a chestnut Quarter horse gelding. Pictured is Romeo mid-jump. It is a head-on shot. So it looks like he is jumping out of the photo at you. He was captured at the beginning of the jump, so his hindquarters are still on the ground. He is wearing a red bonnet over his ears.

KSU Unzip My Chip


Pictured is Pirate being ridden by one of his kids. Lauren Schiller, owner and trainer, is standing at his head and you can see a multitude of ribbons hanging. 1 is yellow and hangs from his bridle. 2 are blue and are hanging from his reins. 1 is red and white, also hanging from his reins. 1 is solid white and is attached to the saddle and appears draped over the riders leg. The final shown is a solid red that looks attached to the riders boot.

LAR Captain Jack Sparrow