Head trainer/owner of LAR


Working Student

Katie Bohl is the working student at Little Apple Riders. She is from Norton, Kansas, 22 and a senior at Kansas State University, studying wildlife biology. She has two Quarter horses (a mare and a gelding) that she has had for about 5 years and has always ridden western. Katie is a self-trained equestrian, with years of experience. She is an integral part of Little Apple Riders, helping with exercising horses, both in the saddle and on the ground. She has switched her riding to English and dressage and is eagerly learning as much as she can with the plan to join trainers Lauren Schiller and Tanya King on the Eventing course soon!


Web master


Kaitlyn Cherry is Little Apple Rider’s web master. She is a nontraditional student in many senses of the word. She is 28 years old, and recently graduated Kansas State University with her B.S. in Family Studies and Human Services. Kaitlyn has ridden casually since her childhood, but began taking lessons with Lauren in May of 2017. She started in Western Pleasure, but later transferred to English, due to having short legs. This is something she and Lauren joke about frequently, as the stirrups have to be adjusted to their shortest length each time she rides. Adding additional humor, Kaitlyn now rides Irish. Irish is one of the tallest horses in LAR’s barn, so it’s quite humorous seeing Kaitlyn mount. Though her lessons have been sporadic, switching disciplines did nothing but benefit Kaitlyn. While riding Western, her posture and leg positions just were never quite correct. However, the first time she rode English, the improvements were immediate. Kaitlyn wants to learn Dressage, and in the future whatever Lauren will teach her.

Kaitlyn has been blind since childhood, and many question how she rides while not being able to see. What they don’t know is how many ways horses learn their riders. Irish has picked up on the fact that she sometimes needs a little extra time to give him feedback, and Kaitlyn is learning how to read his body language under the saddle. Kaitlyn feels that the English saddle gives her far more physical feedback than the Western ever did. She can’t wait to see what she and Irish can accomplish together.