CB and Lauren during a three foot hunter class at a Hunter show.

KS Bluestem Cimarron B is a 15.3 2009 Morgan gelding owned by Julie Dennis.  He has extensive show experience in eventing, hunter/jumper and dressage, with multiple year end awards including USEF Regional Horse of the Year and American Morgan Horse Association Championships.  He is being campaigned in dressage by Lauren at First Level, planning on attending Morgan Grand Nationals in the fall.

Although a LAR program horse, due to his showing schedule he is currently only being ridden by two students, one who is learning eventing on him while the other is enjoying the dressage world.


Pirate and student Mia during stadium jumping of a one day horse trial.

Pirate is a 2013 12.2 Welsh pony gelding who is fancy and he knows it!  He is a patient boy for his little kids and a steady ride, allowing littles to learn the basics.  However, once his older kids are balanced and show competency, he expects more from his rider.  He is a fancy mover, phenomenal jumper and bold cross country, helping students get a taste for eventing.  He has competed and placed in multiple USEA horse trials with students and is a staple of the lesson program.


Irish and student Sam warming up for dressage at Feather Creek Horse Trials in Norman, OK.

Irish is a 16.2 2009 off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding who has been with LAR since 2018.  Before coming to LAR he was primarily in the hunter ring but has extended into eventing and dressage over the past few years.  He has shown and won in both USEA and rated USDF shows, helping his students get a feel for the lower levels of the sports.  He is a steady guy who is used for confident beginners and up.


Student Alyson piloting Rosie on the cross country course at Longview Horse Park.

Rosie is our eldest lesson horse, but don't tell her that!  She is an Appendix Quarter Horse who is as versatile as they come.  She goes both Western and English, although she prefers English.  She will take the smallest rider around for their first trot or challenge her adult amateur rider to be precise and accurate in both dressage and jumping.


Prior and student Lauren during dressage test at Mill Creek Pony Club Horse Trials.

Prior is a 2014 part-bred Caspian pony, classified as a large pony.  He is one of our greener lesson horses but has taken to the program well.  He has a super steady trot and will trot along all day if asked.  He has a cute jump and over the last season has gone to multiple schoolings and his first USEA horse trial with a junior rider student.  He is used for (shorter) confident beginners and up!


Student Tatum showing off Mikey's ribbon haul from a hunter show.

Mikey is a 2008 Quarter Horse gelding who started his life as a western horse but now prefers his dressage work and jump sessions.  He is a bit of a drama queen but has a huge puppy dog personality.  Mikey worries when his rider is off balance so isn't the best to learn how to trot, as he stops if he thinks his rider is struggling.  However once you are able to establish a rhythm he's a great teacher, as he listens to exactly what your body is telling him, even if you don't realize it! He has done many schooling dressage, jumping and eventing competitions.


Cash hamming it up during a lesson.

Cash is a dun Quarter Horse who is our go to for western lessons!  He is owned by one of our boarders who lets LAR use him in our program to keep him in shape while helping LAR students learn basics of western riding and dressage.  He is used for beginners and up in Western, Dressage and flat work, just not jumping! Although he has done plenty of western showing with his owner, he has not yet had his dressage sandbox debut, but it is planned for summer 2021!


Lucy and student Karisa jumping during a lesson.

Lucy is a grade mare, we believe a Connemara cross.  She is a super level headed gal with a to die for floaty trot!  Once you trot on her, you're spoiled and think everyone else is bouncy.  She will trot all day and is great for learning rhythm and balance on.  She has a powerful jump and is steady in the dressage ring, but does require her rider to put in at least 50% when guiding around a jump course or she'll opt to not put in the effort either.  In 2020, Lucy had to have one of her eyes removed but it didn't phase her one bit!  She still is steady as can be and jumps exactly as she did before. She had her first foal in May 2021 and is just getting back into shape to get back in to the lesson program.


We offer three levels of leasing on the above horses.  Level 1, one day/week lease with showing rights, Level 2, two day/week lease with showing rights and one lesson per month, Level 3, three day/week lease with showing rights and two lessons per month.


Most of these horses are leased out for the 2021 season, however we have a few spots available.  If interested in leasing, please contact for more information.